Spiedie Fest 2017!

Photo taken during the 2017 Binghamton Spiedie Festival! Here I am doing one of my favorite card routines for Bob C. of the Binghamton Boys & Girls Club. It is smiles like his that make me enjoy what I do! (2017)

Photo after performing on North River Lobster Co.

This moment captures the beauty of magic really; you have those who laugh out of disbelief, and you have those who are just completely stunned and motionless! This was taken during my 2nd day at the 2017 Binghamton Spiedie Festival! (2017)

Photo taken of Allen He at Jue Lan Club NYC.

Photo taken by Trenton Jackson in April when I performed at Jue Lan Club for a private party! Alex & Paige were fantastic hosts with a crowd I would love to work for again any day! (2017)

Photo after performing on North River Lobster Co.

Picture taken of my new friends Anisha [middle], and Meghan [right] after I performed for their birthdays on the North River Lobster Co. boat! They were as welcoming as the view was beautiful! (2016)

Photo of Playing Cards and Magic

Another photo from the amazing Trenton Jackson, of one of my harddest hitting mentalism effects! What did I do? Well you can easily find out! (2017)

Allen He and Books of Wonder's owner Peter Glassman

I was given the amazing opportunity to meet this man, the owner of the famous Books of Wonder book store in Manhattan New York, Peter Glassman, after performing for his event, Harry Potter's Cursed Child's Mid-Night Release Party!(2016)

Myself, Clara C, and good friend Jaime Lau after opening for her in Binghamton's 2015 Asian Night

Photo of YouTube sensation Clara C [middle], my good friend Jaime Lau [right], and myself [left] after we shared the stage at Binghamton University's 2015 Asian Night. Clara C was as humble as she was talented. Being able to share the stage with her during Asian Night was a true privilege! (2015)

Photo of Allen He performing Professor's Nightmare at the Binghamton 2016 TASC Banquet

I was given the opportunity to perform at an amazingly well orchestrated event, the 2016 Binghamton University TASC (Taiwanese American Student Coalition) Banquet. This was one of my favorite routines to perform. Click here for the performance video! (2016)

Performance at the Binghamton 2016 China Night

Photo of my performance during Binghamton University's 2016 China Night. Here I am preparing myself for the finale of my own take of Harry Houdini's East Indian Needle Swallowing routine. Check it out here! (2016)

Photo of Allen He performing Professor's Nightmare at the Binghamton 2016 UNICEF Charity Ball

Taken during my performance for the Binghamton 2016 UNICEF Charity Ball. The performance was praised as one of the best performances that night! (2016)

Performing for VSA, CASU, ASU at Binghamton University 2016 Lunar Banquet

Taken during my presentation of Nicholas Einhorn's triple prediction routine, utilizing the three student group presidents of VSA (Kenny Blando), CASU, (Belle Lai), and ASU (Lily Ku) at Binghamton University's 2016 Lunar Banquet. To watch the full routine click here! (2016)

Photo of violinist Yut Chia and myself after I opened for him at ECAASU's 2016 Benefit Concert

After opening for East Coast Asian American Student Union's (ECAASU) 2016 Benefit Concert. I was given the fantastic opportunity to watch Yut Chia's spectacular violin solo performance. Watching him for ten minutes on stage taught me twenty different lessons on stage presence. (2015)

Shot during my comedy magic/mentalist performance at Binghamton University's Asian Night. Check out the video performance here! All photos taken by Stephanie Xu; check out her website for of her work! You can also find the rest of the BU Asian Night photos here. (2015)

Performed magic for the Donn's Production Group. Was fortunate enough to meet many other artists, two of which were the Silver Cowboy [right] and Cowgirl [left]. (2015)

My friends and their gracious sign after they watched my performance, along with many other talented routines, at Binghamton China Night. That sign still sits in the back of my room, and is used occasionally! (2014)

My first, favorite, and last dance troupe. These were some of the most dedicated and talented dancers I've met. [From left to right, Tiffany Gong, Allen He, Edwin Joshua Muere, Michael Goolcharran, and William Wang.] (2012)

Performers' photo after an open mic event hosted by the Teen Resource Center. After my talent show debut many different locations were asking me to perform for them! [I am fourth from the right] (2012)

The photo after my very first on-stage performance. It was not even until 2 days before auditions did I decide to participate. Lo and behold one of my best decisions; I placed first at the annual Brooklyn Technical High School Talent Show. (2011)

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