the Person

Good morning, afternoon, or evening, visitor and welcome to my website. My name is Allen He, I am from New York City and am currently an aerospace engineer at Amphenol Aerospace. I graduated from my undergraduate studies at SUNY Binghamton University, majoring in mechanical engineering in 2016. In terms of sports I love to bike, play volleyball, figure skate, and dance (poorly). When it comes to art my favorites include fashion, music, and performance. I do my best to try to keep myself busy, entertained, and learning. If you're interested in learning more about the things I am passionate about feel free to keep reading. Or if you're interested in other information feel free to contact me!

the Magician

I have been practicing and performing magic since 2007, both casually and professionally. My goal as a magician has always been to bring the inner-child in every person out through the art of entertainment and astonishment. I became interested in magic after I watched my very first magic show at a casino in New Jersey. The show had me floored; I laughed, I was mind-boggled, and I thoroughly entertained! So I thought wouldn't it be great to be able to do what that magician just did to me... to other people. I picked up my very first props at their local magic store, and started learning through watching online videos and reading books. Ever since then I decided to expand my repertoire and started to learn card tricks and buy more props, up until the point where the local magic store in New York became my after-school hang out location.

I learned a new trick or sleight every week or two, and would immediately share these skills with my family and friends. As time progressed, I started to be more socially confident and began performing for tourists throughout New York, and auditioning for stage shows. My very first stage performance was my high school's, Brooklyn Technical High School, 2011 Talent Show. I prepared a four minute act for thousands of students and staff, and was fortunate enough to have won the first place performance award. Messages from all over New York City flew in inviting me to perform for events and venues. Later that year, I also won first place at the New York Chinese School's Talent Show, and I realized I fell in love with stage magic. I always loved being able to make my spectators feel happiness through astonishment. However, being on a stage allowed me to provide hundreds of people that same feeling in a matter of minutes.

Fall 2012 came around the corner, and I decided to attend SUNY Binghamton University and spend my four years of undergraduate studies majoring in mechanical engineering. Magic to me always felt like a hobby, mainly because I was never allowed to take it seriously. My family was not too supportive of the time spent practicing card tricks and the money spent on new DVDs and books. They always believed that there was no future for those in the art, and always suggested I study in a field that would provide me with the (statistically) most successful career and life. In high school I spent all four years studying the courses necessary for the medical field, with a fantastic class titled Gateway To Medicine. The number of years I would have to spend at a university to pursue a medical career frightened me, so I decided to change my major. Aside from magic, I was also fascinated by robotics, coding, and 3 dimensional design, so I decided to study engineering.

At my university the frequency of my magic performances decreased drastically. Initially, my family told me to just stay focused and spend my time studying- so I did. Of all of my props I brought my favorite deck of cards, one that was introduced to me by one of my idols, Bro Gilbert. Over time I found myself learning a lot of magic as opposed to practicing. I bought more and more magic DVDs and lectures to learn as much as I possibly could, and I would focus through a magic lecture and analyze every theory and idea mentioned more-so than I would focus on how much stress and strain a 3 ft beam would experience from a 230 pound weight placed at a 45 degree angle, on Mars, with inverted gravity. I kept learning, and eventually I started practicing again. I brought more props to my dorm, began performing tricks for my friends at Binghamton, and once again on stages. Once I realized magic was something I truly enjoyed doing I decided to establish a starting ground, and get out there and put more smiles on people's faces.

After I graduated I decided to take my work to the City, and other parts of New York. I picked up a job as an aerospace engineer at Amphenol Aerospace but magic is still my heart and passion. So here I am now, trying to juggle both of the competitive worlds of professional careers and performance arts. I end all of my e-mails and letters the same way nowadays: Allen He, Aerospace Engineer by Trade, Magician by Heart.

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